Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 by xiemens

Hey guys! I’ve learned some more things about batch today, I think im catching up with Batchcoder!



4 comments on “Hello!

  1. Evan Theilig says:

    How the hell did you make this website look so awesome? Because I must have the secret to this design scheme. Must.

    • xiemens says:

      Put the cursor over your name in the upper right corner, go to manage my blogs, then my blogs and under a blog of yours you will see the customize button. Enjoy!

  2. Evan Theilig says:

    Your secret to this incredible web design would be very nice for my webpage.

  3. Evan Theilig says:

    So I got this awesome looking design on my site. I don’t usually like Apple because of it’s overpriced things that you can get nearly the same with a PC with Ubuntu, but the original Macintosh was before Apple jumped the shark. Don’t even get me started on the iPhone (not the palm pilot)

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